Input Reads

Parameterspreset = N/A
defaultQV = 20
isNonRandom = false
removeDuplicateReads = true
finalTrim = true
removeSpurReads = true
removeChimericReads = true
checkForSubReads = true
FASTA723260 reads (3513500524 bp)
0 reads (0 bp) were short and not loaded
FASTQ0 reads (0 bp)
0 reads (0 bp) were short and not loaded
723260 reads (3513500524 bp) loaded, 0 reads (0 bp) skipped, 0 warnings

Final Store

readsLoaded723260 reads (3513500524 bp)
readsSkipped0 reads (0 bp) (read was too short)
warnings0 warnings (invalid base or quality value)

Read Length Histogram

k-Mer Counts

Histogram for k=22 with 3498312064 mers, 1104950071 distinct mers and 725696616 single-copy mers. Largest count is 1180657.


CategoryReads%Read LengthFeature Size or CoverageAnalysis
middle-missing 16990.235836.53±3147.72626.11±728.33bad trimming
middle-hump 185432.565119.56±2621.57111.13±322.64bad trimming
no-5-prime 385305.335943.75±2512.9578.06±283.14bad trimming
no-3-prime 330374.575855.59±2636.7388.36±302.87bad trimming
low-coverage 26645036.844000.00±2281.654.18±1.93easy to assemble, potential for lower quality consensus
unique 637588.823557.46±1987.1919.17±8.73easy to assemble, perfect, yay
repeat-cont 218493.023844.08±2434.09384.74±454.87potential for consensus errors, no impact on assembly
repeat-dove 1020.0110318.17±3376.82164.14±117.96hard to assemble, likely won't assemble correctly or even at all
span-repeat 10008713.846237.15±2208.442815.30±2079.79read spans a large repeat, usually easy to assemble
uniq-repeat-cont 14230519.685250.49±2081.27should be uniquely placed, low potential for consensus errors, no impact on assembly
uniq-repeat-dove 305394.227130.44±2324.91will end contigs, potential to misassemble
uniq-anchor 16700.237121.67±2410.152457.85±1879.88repeat read, with unique section, probable bad read

Overlap Error Adjustment



Loaded all overlaps for 0 reads.
Loaded 0 overlaps in total.


Constructing unitigs using overlaps of at most this fraction error:
0.03160000 +- 0.01220000 = 0.14012632 = 14.012632% (median absolute deviation)
0.03332694 +- 0.01640734 = 0.13177098 = 13.177098% (standard deviation)

533582 reads are contained.
37621 reads are singleton.
78018 reads are spur (70361 have a mutual best edge).
74039 reads form the backbone (1596 have no mutual best edges; 12901 have one; 59542 have both).

0 reads have a suspicious overlap pattern.
0 had one high error rate edge filtered; 0 had both.
11431 had one size incompatible edge filtered; 1113 had both.

533582 reads are contained.
78881 reads are singleton.
79278 reads are spur (24181 have a mutual best edge).
31519 reads form the backbone (5493 have no mutual best edges; 2189 have one; 23837 have both).

Initial Tig Sizes

Final Tig Sizes


Final Outputs