Bismark Processing Report

zr2096_8_s1_R1_val_1.fq.gz and zr2096_8_s1_R2_val_2.fq.gz

Data processed at 13:52 on 2018-04-27


Sequence pairs analysed in total 1000000
Paired-end alignments with a unique best hit 481891
Pairs without alignments under any condition 337604
Pairs that did not map uniquely 180505
Genomic sequence context not extractable (edges of chromosomes) 0

Cytosine Methylation

Total C's analysed 12325890
Methylated C's in CpG context 992024
Methylated C's in CHG context 72967
Methylated C's in CHH context 451622
Methylated C's in Unknown context 42077
Unmethylated C's in CpG context 486713
Unmethylated C's in CHG context 2574344
Unmethylated C's in CHH context 7748220
Unmethylated C's in Unknown context 161022
Percentage methylation (CpG context) 67.1%
Percentage methylation (CHG context) 2.8%
Percentage methylation (CHH context) 5.5%
Methylated C's in Unknown context N/A%

Alignment to Individual Bisulfite Strands

OT 122028 original top strand
CTOT 119189 complementary to original top strand
CTOB 118638 complementary to original bottom strand
OB 122036 original bottom strand